Our Mission:The mission of our men’s ministry aka “DGMM” is to give every man a place where he can open himself up to the lord in the presence of other men who are in process of doing the same; with NO JUDGEMENT JUST UNDERSTANDING. We recognize that we are all a work in progress and that according to scripture “Iron Sharpens Iron”. Our Men’s Ministry is determined to ensure that each man gets the sharpest spiritual edge, and natural advantage he can while connected to Love & Faith Ministries. We believe that these advantages will carry with each man a lifelong change that will not only benefit him but every other man he interacts with, thereby creating a lineage and sphere of influence within the Kingdom of God, and in our Communities.

Our Goal:The goal of Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ministry aka DGMM, is to provide every adult and young adult man, with the tools necessary to build themselves into Men Of Distinction at the church level so they can impact their homes, workplaces, schools, political platforms, and society.